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Nothing says we can't run some nodes via i2p or Tor, and I suspect eventually someone will do it, which I like. I'd like to this to be a place where people with internet censorship can get the world out when Twitter fails. Hence the freedom fighter. We don't impose a transport. SSH is just a good trade off for easy and secure. The ol' UUCP books have to be dusted, so I want to keep the entry reasonably low. Once people are familiar (or re-familiar) with UUCP and feel confident enough to make contributions, I think we'll see this very thing. Like I said, it's ripe for tinkering.

Tor should be the only way to link nodes. The only reason for anyone to use batched mail and news in 2019 would be for the security - which means tor.

There is no reason to use SSH, as it expose the IP address of the participants.

Setting up UUCP for mail and news on localhost is not so easy anyway (meaning you must setup an MTA +NNTP daemon unless you do old school QWK), so you might as well ask the person to spend 5 minute to configure an onion address.

Like the previous author, I also strongly suggest you change the design to make it a cool and useful project instead of just a nostalgia fueled hobby (SGI servers??)

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