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I can haz UUCP+Briar using (in order of preference) GNUnet/i2p/Tor as the underlay with full end to end PGP encryption, Web & Chain of trust & custody attestation, via fully bootstrappable & replicable builds?


Meh. Guess it'll take another 7 years until crypto & libre take off.

This. You are downvoted but your technical critique is spot on.

Throw in Monero to pay for services and you've got a great technological stack possible right now, while something like that at the time of the cryptonomicon was just a dream.

It could be a cool project if it took advantages of all the pieces of technology we now have that they didn't have back then - PGP was a late addition, replicable builds not a concern, tor and cryptocurrencies yet to be invented.

Thanks. I suspect the downvotes come about due to the rather tongue-in-cheek way I started my comment with, albeit I wanna avoid speculating about reasoning behind downvotes.

Speaking of Monero & paying for services: GNUnet has the GNU Taler project. While not applicable to the same use cases to which Monero applies, it fits into a related niche very much in need of filling.

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