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A few sysadmin and devops curriculum resources; though none but Beaker and Molecule are interactive with any sort of testing AFAIU:

"System Administrator" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_administrator

"Software Configuration Management" (SCM) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_configuration_managem...

"DevOps" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DevOps

"OpsSchool Curriculum" http://www.opsschool.org

- Soft Skills 101, 201

- Labs Exercises

- Free. Contribute

awesome-sysadmin > configuration-management https://github.com/kahun/awesome-sysadmin/blob/master/README...

- This could list reusable module collections such as Puppet Forge and Ansible Galaxy;

- And module testing tools like Puppet Beaker and Ansible Molecule (that can use Vagrant or Docker to test a [set of] machines)


- I'd add "Time Management for System Administrators" (2005)


- There's now a "Site Reliability Workbook" to go along with the Google SRE book. Both are free online.


- The PagerDuty Incident Response Documentation is also free online.

- OpsGenie has a free plan also with incident response alerting and on-call management.

There are a number of awesome-devops lists.

Minikube and microk8s package Kubernetes into a nice bundle of distributed systems components that'll run on Lin, Mac, Win. You can convert docker-compose.yml configs to Kubernetes pods when you decide that it should've been HA with a load balancer SPOF and x.509 certs and a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) from the start!

I just found these resources from a real live company in the GitLab Handbook:

Handbook > Engineering > Infrastructure https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/engineering/infrastructure...

Handbook > Engineering > Ops https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/engineering/ops/

(Sysadmins are part of teams that solve business and scientific experiment problems for people that are part of organizations' teams)

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