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Linux Academy is the best training provider for this that I've seen so far.

Seconded, LA, while not perfect, is probably your best online learning path.

Or, even better, find a server/hosting company/datacenter, and insist on interning/working for free/peanuts as a NOC Tech. You'll learn all the SA/networking/Linux/DNS etc fundamentals for sure, and it's a great foot in the door into the tech industry. If you're half way decent, you'll move up the chain quickly.

Not either/or. Both/and.

You're going to learn the best by doing it with your hands.

It'll cement what you're learning from the training.

Fully agree. I mainly learned by doing the latter route (started as a NOC Tech). If LA had existed then, it definitely would have been a nice compliment.

I like the mindset of people wanting to learn SA/fundamentals though. Far too many are skipping the needful whilst diving straight to cloud/serverless.

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