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I agree, Fukishima was designed about 15 years after nuclear power was first invented, it isn't that far off from complaining about how unsafe cars are in crashes using Model-Ts as an example. Fukushima should have been decommissioned before it was even 'completed' but because of the political barriers in building a new nuclear plant(s) they just stuck with it since it had already got over the regulation hurdles.

I think our problems with nuclear power are 95% political and maybe 5% or less technological. Canada for example has nuclear plants that use a neutron moderating coolant. If they lose coolant, the reaction stops. Unlike earlier designs where a loss of coolant lead to overheating and potential explosions. Not to mention new nuclear plants need 6-7 completely independent shutdown/safety features which is unheard of for earlier plants that have at best 1 or 2 emergency shutdown procedures that interfere with each other.

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