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Show HN: Red pepper chef – distinguish parts of a red pepper to keep vs. discard (medium.com)
51 points by anthonysarkis 28 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Unrelated to this technology but related to peppers in general: if while they are whole you grab the stem and push inside until it breaks, you can take out the part to discard with all the seeds quickly; I don't get why I see people and cooks spending time cleaning the seed part with knives after cutting them.

https://youtu.be/hZGqtmwboHU I defer to an expert.

I use the same method, but I don’t cut the stem and I don’t stand the peber upside down.

This 100% of the time for me results in an uneven break which breaks apart the pepper awkwardly and doesn't even get all the seeds inside.

This doesn't get rid of the white membrane.

Which is perfectly edible and harmles...

I can think of lots of things which are perfectly edible and harmless. Cooking isn't about making things edible, though, it's about making them nice.

But nevertheless not necessarily desired.

Incidentally apple cores are edible too.

...and not the pleasant part. Worth getting rid of.

Sure, but it has fuck-all flavour and has not the best texture.

I use a grapefruit knife to do this - and also to remove the seeds from chilies.

Do you have a video to demonstrate?

This is really cool, nice work.

Pairs nicely with the end-user programming post earlier[0]; maybe training neural nets will someday be possible from a spreadshet.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19469912

Thank you! :)

Def going to get easier over time I think!

I'm possibly being too cynic here, but what are we reading other than an ad-blog for Diffgram?

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