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No FaceID? TouchID often failed. never works with wet fingers, for example.

I’ve also gotten used to saying “Hey Siri, my weather” as I pick up my phone then looking at my screen to unlock.

    “open New York Times”
    “open Wall Street Journal”
    “open CNBC’
I should look into Siri shortcuts. I’d like a “Hey Siri, Hacker News”


Done! Siri was ready with Hacker News as a suggestion.

I noticed on another device, even without a shortcut, I can say “open the website Hacker News”

I wish I could use Siri as you describe. Alas, it rarely recognizes the wake word unless I’m holding it very close, and queries take far too long anyway. For weather, it is much faster to simply pick up the phone, which automatically turns on the screen, then swipe right.

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