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To be fair, they did get Coreboot working after about 2 years from the time of that post but it's still not ideal, compared to a older Libreboot based system, performance not withstanding.

They did, but they never once apologized or admitted they misled customers about the laptop launching with Coreboot working and ME removed (in fact their initial promise was that they somehow got Intel to make a ME-free chipset "just for them" which was a flat out lie).

Lie to me and I'm done with you, especially over something as important as privacy and freedom. It may now be closer to what they originally promised, but I no longer trust them.

That's fair, and even "I" as a "partial supporter" think they need to tune down the marketing machine a bit.

It's a shame because they're really the only company doing what their doing (a fighting a chance at open source (as possible) and secure hardware)

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