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Show HN: Yipgo – stripped down workflow manager (yipgo.com)
4 points by philjackson 29 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Please review the content on your homepage.

The typos ("trail" instead of "trial") and awkward grammar/missing words ("make Yipgo provides amazing value") do not instill confidence in the quality of your product.

Doing the little, easy things right - like writing good basic copy - says a lot about the work you're doing.

Ouch, that's very shoddy - you're right. Thanks I'll correct those and get some help reading the copy!

What will the pricing be once it's out of beta? Looks like something I would find handy, depending on what the cost is looking like :-)

I expect the most basic package - 10 users in an organisation, as many teams as you like will be $10 a month. That tier won't be a money maker but a good way for small companies to get on without breaking the bank.

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