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Show HN: The future of dating: no swipes, no online chats
5 points by SingleSpot 31 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
We're the new kid on the dating scene, but with a different approach: an app with no swipes and no online chats at all. It's called SingleSpot.

We're responding to the current dating-app fatigue by focusing on real-life interactions: our app shows you singles currently in bars and cafés around you. And that's all it does. The rest is on you ;-)

The goal is to make dating social and authentic again, by removing all virtual interactions and keeping just the right amount of technology.

Short intro video: https://youtu.be/rWuDLKnzXYY

Website: https://singlespotapp.com/

App Store: https://apple.co/2UPXCNq

Google Play: https://bit.ly/2uk71kW


The SingleSpot team

Top notch idea. Can't count the number of articles I've read that suggest swiping apps are driving feelings of isolation and disconnection rather than creating healthy connections. Your feature set may solve some of those problems.

Getting users will be your biggest challenge. Rather than make your app available everywhere, I'd go to college towns and partner with the best bars and clubs for singles. Start small and be exclusive. Use the in-app check-ins to reward users with exclusive drink specials. If you seed your app with the right crowd, I can see bars paying you to make their location a "singlespot hub." $20 per month gets a bar owner access to customer acquisition tools.

Build a feature that allows users to see who's checked in before they get there. Pay $1 a month to see who's there before you commit.

Improve the experience of the on-boarding process to make the user feel like they are gaining access to something new and unique...an app that has the ability to completely change their dating life. Tell the story of what your app can do for this user.

So many ideas! Great start by the Singlespot team!

Interesting concept.

Going straight to the critique...

1. Isn't the appeal of online dating not only to find potential matches, but to avoid those a dater is not interested in?

2. Do people still have profiles? Or does it just show very basic stats, age and where they are at (and presumably they are single).

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