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South Korea accidentally discovered a bunch of tunnels that the North had been prepping. They'd gone unnoticed until performing some sort of water investigation iirc. You used to be able to go into them (near the DMZ) on tours. The walls are black and the guide I had noted that upon discovery, the fleeing workers painted the wall with coal to "make it seem like it was a mining operation all along".

So, the "drink your milkshake" level access isn't crazy.

Using tunnels offensively and using earthquakes offensively are enormously different things, though.

A tunnel is useful; you can get past the landmines and other defenses. Causing an earthquake a few miles across the DMZ is far less useful.

No no, the comment was merely to show that North Korea did in fact go unnoticed in their building of vast tunnels (wide enough for tanks).

No body/tank is getting through the ironically named Demilitarized Zone dividing South and North Korea, without getting lit up with fast moving pieces of metal hitting with high kinetic energy.

Hence the tunnels.

North Korean government's long standing, highest priority goal is conquest of South Korea through any means, including military invasion.

I'm not disputing any of that.

I'm disputing "earthquakes as offensive weapon" being useful. Not tunnels.

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