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Show HN: I made a live Loadshedding status page in React (ronaldlangeveld.com)
1 point by ronaldl93 28 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Hi HN. I live in South Africa and we unfortunately have this thing called Loadshedding that causes the power to go off every couple of hours a few times a day.

I made a little web app to that shows the current status of the power grid, pretty much to get the hang of React JS.


I was wondering what loadshedding was for a second, then I read your comment. Nice clean app, unfortunate that you had to make it. I'm not totally sure how loadshedding works but it seems like it would only affect a region of the country, would be nice to add a map that shows the affected areas (assuming that sort of data is exposed)

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