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"The results support the findings of a pair of studies published in Science1,2 last year, which suggested the plant as a likely cause of the quake."

"Earthquakes have been linked to geothermal power plant in other parts of the world. But the Pohang quake is by far the strongest ever tied to this kind of plant — 1,000 times mightier than a magnitude-3.4 quake triggered by a plant in Basel, Switzerland, in 2006."

If you take the word `purely` out of your statement, it is a political decision. Seems to be based on science though. Everything else becomes irrelevant. This also reminded me about the `fracking` debated in US. If I am understanding this link [0] correctly, it's not the fracturing of the rocks but the high pressure liquids that induces earthquake? I am still unclear on the detailed mechanism.

[0] https://earthquake.usgs.gov/research/induced/myths.php

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