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California had best take heed: The Geysers and Salton Trough have taken way more heat out of the Earth, and I would argue delayed, shifted, and intensified the big one the Hayward Fault is overdue for.

There's been a great deal of ridicule placed on opponents of geothermal energy, saying that geothermal could never contribute to an earthquake. I'm hopeful the ridicule will start to go away now.

At least according to the second paragraph of TFA, the problem wasn't the amount of energy they took out of the ground. It was all the fracking.

Which shouldn't be confused with the type of fracking we normally do.

How is it different?

Presumably the answer is “because magic”

Normal fracking doesent create earthquakes.

I've not seen a credible source say that.

The closest I've seen is sources saying that fracking itself only explains a minority of the increase in earthquakes in places like Oklahoma, and that the majority are more properly attributed to other things, particularly the wastewater injection wells that fracking operations use to dispose of all the wastewater that fracking produces.

Which is such an amazingly damn hair-splitty distinction to most of us, but I can see where a spin doctor could have lots of fun with it.

Although it’s controversial, I don’t think there have been tsunamis of ridicule from every direction hitting people saying fracking increases the odds of an earthquake, which is what this is about.

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