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For picky versions, there is nice `addversionno = true` option, which will let you have multiple unison versions installed simultaneously. It will always pick the right one.

I agree with slowness -- I feel the recent versions are pretty fast on Linux, but it can be faster. Also it's "scan, then transfer" approach means it can take lots of memory if there is a lot of files.

Still, if you can your rsync in your application, use it. For automated backups, you cannot beat it. But unison has two unique advantages:

- Proper two way sync -- doing it safely with rsync is almost impossible.

- GUI/TUI which shows what changed and allows conflict resolution.

- GUI which shows

Indeed. But you still need multiple versions installed, which means you have to sidestep package managers (and generally common usage practices); which is really inconvenient if you have multiple systems with different os’s and distros.

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