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Are there any good open source live sync tools? Even one way sync with rsync is slow and two way is as you say a kludge. Seems like there is not much open source stuff out there for this and certainly nothing that can sync like these cloud drive apps.

Well, I like "unison" -- it is a well designed, two way sync app.

I personally run it in "-auto" mode -- every time I run the program, it shows me all actions it wants to do, any conflicts it detected, and asks me if I want to proceed.

If you want to run live mode, you can just run:

    unison -ui text -repeat 5 . ssh://remote-host/dir
it will check for changes every 5 seconds, sync over any changes, and skip all the conflicts. You'll have to re-run it without -repeat option to resolve the conflicts.

I tried it but it never seems to work all that well for me. It also has terrible UX with confusing options.

Unison's UX has options? I did not know.

I recommend treating unison like you do rsync -- read the manpage, configure it with config files and shell wrappers.

If you run it with "-ui text -auto", then it will print the list of changes, and ask: "do you want to proceed (y/n)", which is not that confusing.

Treat it as mostly text-based syncer with UI as an extra bonus, and it will be much less confusing.

Syncthing? It added Variable Size Blocks to speed up transfer of large files last year.

Works will for one-way or multi-ways syncing https://docs.syncthing.net/users/foldertypes.html

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