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Well, your first would be this article, as I said.

Your second would be the debate between Furman and Kelton on the Ezra Klein podcast, as I said.

I'll dig up a third cite. Like, one of the things in my head is the Kelton vs. Krugman argument, which I read on Krugman's blog, but that's not the best cite, since you're getting Kelton secondhand through Krugman there.

Happy to help. If you'd like to help too, you could cite a source that says MMT'ers feel like inflation doesn't matter.

On the discussion with Kelton and Furman on the Ezra Klein show: I came away frustrated, because I felt that every time Kelton tried to delineate an ideological difference, Furman disagreed that it was in fact a difference. I found it a good discussion on economics, but no clear line-in-the-sand between MMT and orthodox economics.

I have Ctrl-F’d through the article for “inflation” and only see “excessive” inflation as being normatively judged. Which bit do you feel supports your assertion?

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