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Do you feel that it is production ready and that the sync won't become corrupt? Any plans for Android?

Hum a day old might be early to say, but the sync is handled by rsync and that has been around for ages, corruption due to rsync would be surprising. (although hash and adler32 checksums collisions are theoretically possible.. :-)

It's not rsync I'm concerned about. It is fswatch and adding/deleting multiple files (possibly from multiple devices) and having them automatically synced.

More than 2 end points would be a bridge too far for this simple script.

With regards to fswatch, from what I gather, it blocks a iotcl call on all the files in your watched folder. This script fires rsync (always from the local end to prevent confusion) as soon as a change is detected on either end, starting with the end where the change has been detected. Pretty simple. I guess if you change files and delete files at the same time on both ends, some deleted files might get recreated. At this point this is the worse I can see, but I could be very wrong... :-)

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