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These sorts of solutions are always tantalizing, especially when developing on a Mac but deploying on Linux, but the killer feature for such an application would be IDE/ST3/Atom/VSC[/etc...] support. If this sync process could be orchestrated from such a development environment directly, it would avoid many design pitfalls, such as degenerating into rapid fs polling.

hey! thanks for your comment! I wrote this yesterday because I wanted the read speed of a local copy, hot-reload of the remote side app, and the ability to edit at both ends. I came across fswatch, I've been quite impressed; it does a pretty good job resource-wise. On linux it uses ionotify; I have not seen it degenerate into rapid fs polling (yet). Cheers!

It's not a critique of your design. You solve the problem as you see it pretty spot on.

It's more so that I wish IDEs supported software like this. There's a plethora of such offerings such as CyberDuck, Expandrive, etc that would benefit from reduced read/seek activity if the IDE could just orchestrate when to emit changes to what it thinks is the "disk". As you noted on GitHub, such software gets really laggy when working in directories that aren't trivially small.

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