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>Can you source your claim that MMT doesn't make normative judgements on inflation?

It's in the name - modern monetary theory. Much like the theory of gravitation does not posit that gravity is "bad" or "good", modern monetary theory does not posit that inflation is bad.

>That's not my understanding, it's not what this article says, and it's not what Kelton said in her debate with Jason Furman on Ezra Klein's show.

Much as your earlier posts massively misrepresented what I said, I strongly suspect you are misrepresenting what others said.

>In my understanding, the MMT economists would say "here are a set of policy levers we should use to ensure inflation doesn't increase", and in yours MMT economists would say, essentially, "single payer is worth extra inflation".

MMT economists might very well opine that extra inflation is worth medicare for all and at the same time set out a set of policy levers which can bring down inflation if desired. One is a normative statement; the other positive.

>The idea that inflation and deficits simply don't matter as much as conventional economists think it does is, as I understand it, a caricature of MMT that actually annoys MMT economists.

I think the personal feelings of many MMT economists is probably that a slightly elevated inflation doesn't matter that much. There are economists who are motivated by money and prestige who will naturally gravitate towards, for example, richly funded think tanks representing investor interests and there are economists who are interested in figuring out how the economy actually works.

These two groups will naturally have differing personal feelings about inflation precisely because the people who pay their bills do.

I think what pisses them off are the people who say that MMT is simply a theory that says governments can spend limitless amounts of money.

Thanks, I'm pretty comfortable with what this thread says about your argument and mine at this point.

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