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A bigger part of the issue with these remasters tends to be the conversion to 16x9 which most people expect with HD. Even if you have the 'missing' out of shot data on the origin film there are often problems where set equipment, cameramen, etc are just out of the shot so it requires manual digital touch up to fix. It also can require re-rendering any CGI.

When I saw the submission title I was actually hoping re-creating the out of shot image data is what the ML was being used to do.

The remastered TNG box sets kept the same 4:3 aspect ratio as the original standard definition.

Some TV networks have aired a 16:9 version of TNG (as well as an upscaled Voyager and DS9) but they just zoomed and cropped. There wasn't anything smart going on.

The zoomed and cropped from 480p, i.e. making it even worse quality?

Basically, yes. The upsampling algorithms they use are pretty good though so it’s passable for most viewers. But obviously there’s no substitution for having HD quality at source

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