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Macroeconomics is a sufficiently complex topic that trying to understand it or discuss it at a "beginner level" is almost pointless. At that level, all you need to know is that any theory that promises some certain knowledge of what's going to happen if this or that happens and that it's all very simple, is almost certainly wrong.

> trying to understand it.. at a "beginner level" is almost pointless.

Starting at the beginner level is where everyone starts when they want to learn something. By definition. Hardly pointless.

it's pointless if the plan is to learn at beginner level and stop there and then believe that you have a reasonable level of understanding to formulate opinions. If the plan is to learn it at the beginner level in order to keep learning and get to advanced level, then I agree it's not pointless

It doesn't promise certainty, it just points out that certain levers may be connected in ways we didn't realize.

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