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Download the trial and upscale a photo. Its pretty cool, it seems a little better than old fractile upscale/sharpening techniques.

I changed the exposure too, but this is what i was able to achieve using both their JPEG to RAW and their Gigapixel, along with some color correction. (theres still a tiny bit of blocking id like to clean up, but its not bad for a test run.)


If anyone has used Photoshops Match Color feature before, I do expect a day where I can open some textures and apply them to similar low rez textures in a photo, and use the samples to repaint the picture. Similar in end result to how texture packs work for games.

I also think by taking HDR footage and compressing it to 6-8bit color space, and training a model to reproduce the original, that AI will be pretty good at upconverting older footage into high color depths.

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