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The Next Generation also had its visual effects shot on video, this was a major hurdle for their remastering efforts. They had to recreate all of the effects so it was a slow an expensive process. On the positive side, the effects end up looking much better since this isn't the 80s and we can throw a lot of CPU power at creating them.

Could you please expand on why CPU and not GPU?

Edit: why am I getting downvoted for asking a question? Sorry :-(

The parent was likely using "CPU" to just mean "processing power", not being prescriptive toward whether that processing is done on a CPU or a GPU.

I assume your downvoting is because people (uncharitably) believed you were being an annoying pedant instead of asking a genuine question.

For what it's worth, the implications are about the same... though in practice, it would likely be ray-tracing frame by frame, then overlays... though the process in the article could be trained with very high detail models and fill in the blanks from that.

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