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I don't see a huge difference between the two. Mostly the Ferengi forehead creases are sharper I guess, but unclear that the overall effect is much of an improvement. Cool proof of concept though!

Definitely make sure you switch YouTube's AUTO setting from whatever default it has to 1080P. For a lot of scenes there is a HUGE difference.

Thanks for this, I also didn't think they looked any different.

Yeah I made sure the video was in 1080p mode and it was mostly subtle at best. Not only that there were several places where it wasn't subtle, but the up-rezzed faces had a super fake photo-retouched/cgi look to them. They had crossed the uncanny-valley and didn't look like real humans.

I thought that faces were mostly fine. The spots that didn't look right, to me, were when there was a face out-of-focus in the front of the frame (the bit where Sisko's talking to that dude). I wonder if the network recognized it was "supposed" to be out-of-focus, which it is, but then wasn't able to do any edge cleanup to make it more consistent.

> didn't look like real humans

Deep Space Nine. Mission succeeded?

You need to have both full screened on a 1080p screen to actually compare the two. Also video quality is difficult to determine from still frames. Video compression is more about how it moves from 1 frame to another. You would want to watch an actual clip of both to see the difference better.

Yeah that's probably it. Was wondering whether half a screen of 1080p would be enough to properly show the difference

I honestly really don't see the difference beyond that.

A lot of the CG (ships, etc.) looks sharper to my eye. I didn't notice at first, though, because YouTube defaulted to 720p (and since it's a 1080p render downscaled to be side-by-side, you do need those pixels).

The creator says that 4K-vs-480p renders (that is, rendering the YouTube video at 4K) are on the way.

Same. It's certainly not objectively "amazing" (to use the author's own verbiage)

What? Everything is sharper in the 1080p version, the effect is far from subtle. Is it possible you did not load the 1080p version of the Youtube video?

I agree. Resolution is 1% of what makes a TV serial. 99% is storytelling, the setting, character, drama, emotion, and so on.

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