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FWIW, I have a recently purchased Nokia 7.1 which is part of the Android One scheme (running Android Pie). This was through a legit high-stret UK retailer so not grey-import or anything.

I installed NoRoot Firewall as suggested in another comment here. So far NoRoot Firewall has not detected any activity from anything unusual running in the background (either idle, screen-on, or charging).

What was weird though was that if I open the Nokia camera app, it tries to talk to edge-star-shv-01-lhr-facebook.com, edge-star-mini-shv-01-sof1.facebook.com & edge-star-shv-01-sof1.facebook.com. I believe this is due to the facebook live-broadcasting feature built into the Nokia camera app, although I have not got it logged in so not sure why it is phoning home just when I open the app.

So 24 hours later and still nothing odd going on according to NoRoot Firewall on a UK retail Nokia 7.1.

I'll keep running foir a few more days (I cant use my usual VPN at the same time as NoRoot Firewall so dont want to run indefinitely) and udpate if anything else happens.

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