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"China" claims it is part of the People's Republic, which it is indeed not.

But both sides agree that it is China.

Like Korea includes both North and South even if there are two states.

In practice, that's a useless tidbit. Would you rather be the average South Korean or the average North Korean? Their lives are completely different, those are different states for a reason.

That's not useless at all, that's very important and that's the point.

Ask Chinese, ask Koreans. Also ask Germans or Vietnamese.

You could also ask Foxcomm's founder.

Ok, let's clarify in the context of our topic: why would Foxconn's founder send data to the RPC government? Just because the Taiwanese are primarily ethnic Han?

I think Republic of China would at this point prefer to be referred to as Taiwan rather than China. This way they can also distance themselves from all the human rights abuses happening in Xi Jinping's China, you know concentration camps, medical genocide (organ harvesting), mass surveillance and whatnot.

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