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Elite Colleges Make Low-Income Students Feel Unwelcome (theatlantic.com)
23 points by lifeisstillgood 32 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I really feel this. This article felt almost like a "duh" moment to me, but I realize not everyone has the same experience as me.

I went to an "elite" college (Northwestern University- thought about hiding the name, but really this says more about them than it does about me). I could easily have gone hungry if the cards had played out a little differently. (Friends would sneak me food from the dining hall when I couldn't get enough meals to sustain me, which got me through the worst of it, so I never actually missed more than a meal here or there)

If there was a way to get free tickets to anything, as in the school in the article, I never heard about it. Like the students in this article, I didn't knew what office hours were for until later. Oh, and I was charged to apply for financial aid, because they required an application that cost $20 in addition to the FAFSA. That year I had to beg my aunt for $20 or I wouldn't have been able to apply for financial aid for the next year. Navigating the system to get financial aid was a battle every year.

I graduated a few years ago, make good money now, and honestly I don't think I'll ever donate money to NU after the experiences I had there. Sure, they let me in and gave me need-based-aid - but they sure didn't do anything else to help me succeed. Saying that elite colleges make low-income students "feel unwelcome" is an understatement.

I can understand you not donating to institution, are you donating to students in a similar position to you when you were studying?

If only donations could be targeted to specific causes and not massive faceless pools of cash which can go anywhere.


I would do almost anything for 50k, I might even be willing to not write rude and dismissive comments against people sharing their real world experiences about their life struggles or derail discussions with completely out of touch and condescending empty platitudes or incoherent metaphors.

A more accurate headline is "Elite Colleges don't eliminate every downside of being poor, despite giving the most generous gifts poor students have received from anyone in their entire lives except their immediate family."

Classism is America's dirty secret. What makes these colleges "elite?" Rich kids attend them because their rich parents attended them (or donated to them).

Depends on what kind of "elite" school it is. The top 10 engineering university I attended had its own nuclear reactor for its nuclear engineering program and the ability to fabricate chips on-site.

And, yeah, as a low-income student, I did feel unwelcome there. But the education was worth it.

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