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Show HN: I made a database of remote companies (remotehub.io)
171 points by howtoappio 66 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 38 comments

1900 sounds like a lot, but it very quickly narrows. There are only 5 or so companies listed for programming jobs at non-consultancies (i.e. companies that develop their own products) that offer paid time off. None of those 5 look that interesting...

Seems more like incomplete data. Spot checked a few of the "programming" ones that did not have "paid vacation" listed, and sure enough, they do (example: https://convertkit.com/careers/).

Ah sorry, I added "paid vacation" option recently and I haven't updated ConvertKit since: https://twitter.com/remotehubio/status/1105455924985106434

Done now! https://remotehub.io/remote-companies-with-paid-vacation

Yes, you are right. I still need to work on the data a lot and it takes time! I have been thinking to open it up for public editing, but I don't know if people would be interested in this. There's also a question then if someone would think it would be fun to add some random data which is not true (should be edit history and rollback?)

It will get better and better over time as I reach out to more companies and fill in their details!

That sound like very wrong. I know personally of at least one, that it's listed, uses good technology, is hiring(Elixir) and offers 28 days paid off. The only complaint about that position(that would be fair) is that is not paid like being in SF.

It’s saying there are zero remote programming jobs. Seems a bit low, no? :)

Love the site!

Where's the data taken from? Couldn't find any mention of this on the site.

Also curious – I looked up my own company and was surprised that it had pretty accurate data on our own team, as far as location. Not everyone on the team has LinkedIn or any other obvious source they could pull from.


From the comments it looks like he's doing some of the data lookup manually, looking at twitter and so on.

A guess for my company is stack overflow company profile and/or job postings. The tech stack listed is, I believe, exactly what we list there.


Looks like you need to do a history push instead of a replace, though.

Neat but tapping a search result doesn't do anything on mobile

It's wonderful that you would take the time to file a bug report, though in the future it would be convenient if you expanded "on mobile" to your device model, your used browser and your browser version at least. That will help the people developing these applications actually solve your problem and problems like yours. If you're not comfortable sharing this in public because of it's fingerprinting potential (very understandable), perhaps you could do so via a private communication channel.

Oh... what's your mobile? Seems to be working ok on my iPhone 5 Safari and Chrome.

You do mean tapping a search result not a filter item like "small team"? This updates the resultset, but isn't the best solution now as you don't really see anything changing on the screen. I'm planning to work on the filter.

Very nice; bookmarked. Also found this one https://www.remoteonly.org/ interesting

One thing would be helpful is listing or explaining the criteria you used to call these "remote companies". One company that has onsite locations with teams that are remote or allows remote work frequently is going to be different than a company like Gitlab which is basically entirely remote.

Thanks, yes! I've been struggling with this! I have considered company to be remote when they are looking for remote team members (posted a remote job on the Internet) or they have members in more than one city without having offices in all of these locations.

I've been visiting a lot of "our team" pages lately! The degree that these companies are "remote" varies a lot, yes! A lot of them are just starting out to be remote and are looking for their second remote team member or something like that.

Obviously it's far from perfect and I've been working on this as a sideproject for a few past months. It's interesting topic for me though! I too work remotely and I see more and more companies going remote which is very cool. I'm much more productive coding from home than going to office every day.

Also, you have a good point with this "entirely remote" Gitlab example. I've been thinking about how to ask this from companies – how remote are you? I guess % is one option, but it makes it too complicated I think ("we're 60% remote"). I currently have a checkbox:

Remote first – hiring and working from all over the world instead of from a central location (found this from remoteonly.org manifesto although they have this as "remote only")

and you can find companies based on that. I think that's enough. Probably I don't care to search for companies who are 30% or 50% remote, but I would like to to know if they are in a "remote first" mindset or not (office + two remote devs). Also, this % changes all the time!

So I have been thinking about terms "remote first", "remote only" and "partly remote" and I don't have definitions for them really :)

For example, "remote only" maybe shouldn't definitely mean that there's really like no office at all – think Doist for example, I think they have an office but I would call them "remote only" or "entirely remote" as majority of the people is spread accross the globe: https://remotehub.io/doist

All ideas and suggestions would be really helpful on how to differentiate these remote levels!

Nice reply. It isn’t necessarily a straightforward measurement as you hint in your post. My first absolutely naïve approach to this would be a ratio of the count of employees who work the majority of their time in office locations to count of employees in the company who work in those locations less than X% of the time, where X must be a number less than or equal to 50. I think it’s pretty universally understood that if you work onsite in a company office for >= 50% of your time you cannot be construed as a remote employee.

Just thinking now I can come up with several flaws to that approach but it might be a nice starting point for some iteration.

Hello, Community Advocate at GitLab here. Thanks for creating this base and adding us there.

GitLab is 100% remote company [1] with 500+ team members in 50+ accross the Globe [2].

Could you please also update this info at [3] since it states 11-50 employees. Almost forgot to mention that we have the team-pets page as well :)

[1] - https://about.gitlab.com/company/culture/all-remote/

[2] - https://about.gitlab.com/company/team/

[3] - https://remotehub.io/gitlab

Thanks! Updated to 501+! I would also add GitLab locations so they would draw out on a map too. I see a list of 51 countries / regions on GitLab's website, I wonder if there's a list of cities as well or I'll use these 51? Oh and you can get access to edit profile on https://remotehub.io/hire-remotely

I think it would be TOP 1 on RemoteHub when I would add all cities!

Is the only option to add cities one-by-one via "edit company>cities>add city"? The list is a bit long, ~260 cities in total.

Wow, so much! Very cool! Yes, it's currently the only option, but could you please send me the list and I will add them myself. You can email me hello at remotehub.io

I would probably need to find photos for these cities anyways, so it would be better for me to add them myself!


That's so kind of you. I've reached out to you via community@gitlab.com. Thanks again!

There is also "Remote (Must live in America)"

This is another good point, thank you! I have a "hiring region" for remote companies to fill in, but I have almost zero info about this for now.

Also, not really sure how to fill this in exactly. Currently I have some checkboxes like "Europe", "North America" etc which is ok I guess.

I would like to make this searchable, so let's say I can specify my city and see companies that hire in this region.

Again, suggestions would be helpful!

Remote companies and companies offering remote jobs are not exactly the same thing, I work in a remote job but my company isn't remote, what are the criteria here?

What is the distinction?

by "remote company", I understand a company which does not have offices.

ah got it, thanks.

Mapbox is listed as a remote company, yet all their jobs are in SF or DC in their careers page. What is the criteria for a remote company ?

Yep, good point! It seems they are not hiring remote, at least for now. They do have remote team members all over the world though? Check out their map: https://remotehub.io/mapbox

I filled this in based on their team page. Also found this: https://opensource.com/life/14/7/interview-justin-miller-map...

"I work for Mapbox remotely, but we do have offices. We've got about 30 folks in Washington, D.C., 15 in San Francisco, and about a dozen of us are remote in the U.S. and Canada, Europe, and South America."

So maybe they are open to consider remote candidates. I will need to email them and ask! If they are not considering new remote candidates, I should probably remove them from the list.

How can I fix incomplete info about my company?

You can create a free account here (when starting to type your company name, just choose it from the list to claim it):


Please enter your email at company's domain as this sign up process allows to claim a profile only with matching email domain.

You'll get an automatic email asking to confirm your email address. Let me know if you have any questions or problems!

Nice going. I'll definitely bookmark this.

Mapbox is not a remote company.

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