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Nothing will happen to those other sites because for this particular case Google has already changed its practice after the EU filed an objection in 2016. This fine is retroactive to cover the damages made during the 10 years of investigation. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-latest-eu-fine-on-alph...

Understand that there are two "kinds" of custom search. One, which is discussed in the BBC article is "AdSense for Search" which is and advertising program you could engage when you put a Google search box on your web site.

The other kind, which is not discussed here, is where you have a web front end like startpage.com or duckduckgo.com which is making an API call to a search index in response to your query. In the US, the two english language indexes with decent precision and recall are provided by Google and Bing[1]. One of Google's big partners there is Infospace which uses Google results in many of their properties. That said, when you use Google results in your search "engine" web page, you are bound by a different contract than the AdSense contract. And, like the AdSense contract, it is (or at least was) pretty restrictive on what sort of advertising you could do around Google's results.

[1] Bing either directly or through Yahoo!'s BOSS API if that is still a thing.

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