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First, the vast majority of the world does not use the day-fine system. But more importantly, it makes no sense to index corporate fines to a firm's revenue because corporations can be split/combined (unlike people). Indexing fines to firm size would lead to market distortions, especially in the case when those fines are a significant fraction of total revenue.

At this point it might actually make sense for Google to create a separate European entity so they won't get fined so heavily all the time in the EU. I guess they'd have to see how much of a benefit that would be relative to the amount of taxes they would save by being in Ireland (I'm not sure if that's still a thing).

The fine is already based on Google's European (not global) ad revenue as someone else quoted in the comments.

Google has already started the process of splitting to a Google EEA.

They sent notices recently about a transfer of data custodianship to GSuite customers.

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