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Show HN: Build a decentralized web chat in 15 minutes (github.com)
11 points by chr15m 32 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I was disappointed by the implementation of the 'decentralized' bit. It's basically establishing a point to point connection between browsers using a representation of client address.

Point to point is decentralized. When you have many interconnected point-to-point connections between nodes that is a robust decentralized network.

Information reaches all nodes in the same room using a gossip protocol over those point to point networks.

All nodes connecting to a backend or server to communicate would be centralized.

But this project just used a webrtc connection between two browsers. I didn't see any mention of rooms or gossip protocols hence my disappointment.

Here is a quote from the article about rooms:

"For our chat room we want to connect all the Bugout instances together in one room. We do that by using the same room name as the first argument."

This will mean all browsers connecting chat together in one room. You can put them in different rooms by passing a different identifier as the first argument.

Really enjoyed this!

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