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Hardware Debugging with JTAG on a Raspberry Pi (github.com)
126 points by fanf2 33 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I prefer to use the Black Magic Probe [1] because it doesn't need OpenOCD to be running (it hosts the GDB server itself) and it has an additional user USB/UART interface so that you only need one cable to connect your debugger and debug console.

That said, sometimes its multi-target support is not as friendly as I would like, and I'm not sure if the AARCH64 support is there yet (I used it on the original RasPi and on Chumbys)

Good news is that its open source and I was able to add SAM4L support when I needed it fairly easily.

[1] See https://github.com/blacksphere/blackmagic and https://1bitsquared.com/products/black-magic-probe

I've been having trouble getting some folks at work setup with OpenOCD and FT2232 for programming widgets over JTAG and SWD, this looks like a great solution. Thanks for the tip!

The Black Magic Probe is really nice. If you want to try it out without spending the money for a BMP up front, it's also fairly simple to flash it onto a Blue Pill board that can be had for a few dollars. Most F103C8 Blue Pills are sold as having 64KB flash, but actually have 128KB flash. E.g. I installed BMP on a RobotDyn Blue Pill without any problems.

Of course, if you like the BMP, it is worthwhile to buy the real thing to sponsor 1 Bit Squared and the convenient headers/cables.

You can also try JTAG Versaloon firmware for the STM32 Bluepill board:


Kernel boot over JTAG, awesome!

Let's try versaloon on a bluepill to replace the JTAG Olimex adaptor....

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