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> ping google.com

--- google.com ping statistics --- 12 packets transmitted, 12 packets received, 0.0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 74.750/75.566/76.724/0.587 ms

I'm on 1GBit Google Fibre in Orange County which should be as ideal an experience as could be expected. Now, considering there would be additional time on top of the pure ping, I image there would be 80-90ms of latency for me. No way lol.

I'm not sure why are your pings that high. I just asked my friend in an Asian country about his pings, and he averages out at 5ms to Google. Meanwhile, my average is 1ms in the US.

Pretty sure both of us have a Google datacenter nearby, but could the result of your ping be due to a bad configuration on your router?

I image there would be 80-90ms of latency for me.

I could totally make RTS and other real-time games work with that.

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