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> What gamers are still on Win7? Most are already on 10.

Care to share how this tidbit is true?

Sorry to use your words against you, but I'm not so certain. I'd like to see real statistics from a few sources. I agree that Windows 7 is surely phasing out, but anecdotally (which is where most conjecture like yours and mine come from), I know a number of people who specifically stayed on Windows 7 for two reasons: 1) Compatibility with games; and 2) No telemetry (or at least it's considerably minimal compared to Windows 10).

Steam's hardware survey is probably the best measure available, and puts W10 at 68% and W7 at 27%.


Maybe, but I would like to see more than the one source. HN is becoming filled with people who tend to make such generalized statements without much to back it up. Your link helps, so thank you! I would love to see more data and less speculation around here :)

Re: the survey - the type of person who remains on Windows 7 due to concerns about 10 would be more likely to opt out of the survey, or not use Steam in the first place. I would put the number for Windows 7 a little higher at maybe 30%.

I expect the number of Windows 10 players to increase as DX 12 becomes a common requirement, but we're not quite there yet.

>Care to share how this tidbit is true?


I would say 60+% qualifies as most. On the other hand, ~25% is not negligible. So you both win ?

Windows 10 supports more modern games and consumers outside the nerd sphere don't care about telemetry.

I suppose, then, that ignorance is bliss. Because once I explained Windows 10 telemetry to my own parents, they opted to run Linux. They're nowhere even close to the penumbra of the nerd sphere. But, it is anecdotal, though it does rebut the notion that ALL consumers outside the nerd sphere don't care.

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