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Goodbye Medium (kentcdodds.com)
55 points by gk1 31 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

There's virtually no content in this blog post...except for a link to a blog post by someone else about the purported topic of this post.

In reality, this post is just a wrapper for that post, with some self-promotion ("you’ll also see Kent’s approach to ensuring that he leaves no URL behind, thanks to making smart use Netlify’s redirects API and serverless functions.")

The original blog post is here: https://kentcdodds.com/blog/goodbye-medium

Agreed. This is just lazy content marketing.

Someone might want to update that link to the real post:


He's leaving for the reasons that you'd expect. It's a good read, though not at all surprising.

I made the same decision, but with Wordpress instead of Medium. I briefly considered using Medium, but having to use a WYSIWYG editor on a site that nags people for money before showing my content was something I couldn't support.

Being able to write my posts in Markdown, test them locally with Docker Compose and deploy with CI via Travis onto a domain that I own with SSL certificates that I own is a MASSIVE win.

> Being able to write my posts in Markdown, test them locally with Docker Compose and deploy with CI via Travis onto a domain that I own with SSL certificates that I own is a MASSIVE win.

What do you use for that?

Medium is good for marketing but not much else. If your goal is to get eyeballs then Medium is a decent option. I've had several posts which got more views than had I self hosted by getting posts featured in publications. Had I not been featured in the publications then I wouldn't have been any better off by posting on Medium.

I doubt Medium will continue to be a good option for content marketing but it's good for the moment.

I would definitely not post anything on medium that has more personal or long term value.

Different tools for different jobs.

Hey there! Which are some of the best publications to connect with for publishing stories related to the following categories -- startups (think post mortem analyses), open source software, product launches?

Medium has become a terrible reading experience especially if you are logged out. I don't like seeing a pop up asking me to create an account every time I click a link to a blog post hosted on Medium.

And if you're on mobile, the site also pops up a nag to install the app, a nag for push notifications and a floating header that won't scroll away... which crowds the article down to maybe a sentence of screen real estate. Yeesh. I skip straight to outline.com

On top of the deliberate annoyance, their floating top bar is actually just straight up broken on iPhone Safari. It often floats at weird spots instead of sticking to the top. It’s pretty laughable.

Yeah, it's gotten overly obnoxious. I don't even click Medium links anymore.

I can handle maybe one popup a day asking me to log in/sign up, but the fact that it's every single article drives me bonkers.

I'm well aware I can just block it with uBlock, but I shouldn't have to. Forcing a hostile user experience to try and get me to sign up has just made me stop reading Medium articles.

I agree that it is pretty obnoxious when logged out, but I find it to be fine when I am logged in. What parts bother you?

For me it seems 90% of recommended articles are premium now, when it was <10% 3 months ago

When I last posted I had a thing telling me that I could either make it premium-eligible or have only my followers see the article. I imagine that's what pushed the change you've seen

I only crosspost to medium for the reach personally. I imagine others with few direct followers do the same

I got a paywall on mobile the other day which didn't let me read the content when I was signed-in.

I can understand that for a media outlet, but is medium paying the blog owners a cut? I used to write on medium, and I have not received any notification that they are paying the producers.

I'm surprised to see them get into the mess they are in. They don't provide enough benefit when there are so many other options.

> but is medium paying the blog owners a cut?

Yes they do. I believe the most important factor is the amount of "claps" they receive but I am not too sure.

Aside from the annoying popups, another issue for me is that medium is profiting by monetizing your content. Blogs aren't hard to host with gitlab or github pages (gitlab and hugo is especially nice, in my opinion), among a ton of other options where you aren't subjected to this.

The web is full of warnings for people not to tie their freely available content to a third-party platform (Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Articles, Medium, etc).

Medium, like other online social hang outs, is great to be known. It's like showing your face at a cocktail party and network around — but you make the sale, the long chat, the deep connection, outside of the cocktail party.

Building my blog using Webflow, was thinking of using Medium as a distribution channel.

Anyone else here had similar ideas?

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