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Yes that seems about right. I would say lag occurs once every 5 mins and lasts for roughly a second. Not longer than that. But since gaming is such a visual medium that 1 second seems longer than it actually is. One thing I forgot to mention is I was on wifi and the performance may have been better had I plugged in an ethernet cable. Although I would add that wifi usage is going to be what the typical user opts for.

I used to get these, every 5 minutes, right on the clock. Turns out, OS X location services rescan wifi every 5 minutes, God knows why. Turn it off, lag gone.

From Apple's info page on Location Services:

> Your approximate location is determined using information from local Wi-Fi networks, and is collected by Location Services in a manner that doesn’t personally identify you.


Excessive channel scans have been a problem on Linux, too: http://blog.cerowrt.org/post/disabling_channel_scans/

It's about time WiFi radios had a separate radio for scanning.

The idea that one can retune the radio into a different channel for 100 milliseconds or so and not impact user experience is absurd.

Fascinating. I tested this on Windows 10 PC, though. So may not be the same issue.

> I would say lag occurs once every 5 mins and lasts for roughly a second.

As someone who plays through DOOM on Ultra Nightmare, this kills the game. There are times when, if I were to miss even 10 or 15 frames, there would be a good chance that will be the end of my run.

Hello fellow Doom Nightmare player. I think Stadia is not for folks like us who have tasted the fill experience on high end rigs.

It will instead, expand the audience to a lot of casuals who just want a little demon-slaying power-fantasy on a low difficulty. Nothing wrong with that, and it is a damn big addressable audience. Just like how mobile didn't "kill" any other platform, it just added a whole lot of candy crushers.

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