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(Disclaimer in bio.)

It's not the edge cache itself that matters; it's that many ISPs peer directly with Google.

Google Cloud can route the audio/video/keyboard packets mostly over Google's private network and then only use the public internet once it gets to your ISP (or their transit provider). This provides Google with more control over how the packet gets to the end user.

Google provides a similar service to Google Cloud customers as the "Premium Network Service Tier".


Huh, that's actually really interesting. I was going to say, "but even then you're still dealing with the speed of light", but I guess at the limit, it takes 4ms to reach 1,000 miles, which should be enough to get most anywhere in the U.S. to a Google data center. The latency dynamics here are a lot less implausible than I was suspecting at first, given peering at the local ISP level.

According to Wikipedia, input lag for video games is between 67-133ms. Adding an extra 10ms for network might be acceptable.


Half that value.

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