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this has been happening to me recently on Google search, as cards load with info about the top results.

Anyone on Google reading this -- please either cut that out, or include css placeholders for content you expect your JS to load.

Both waiting longer for content to load and having to go back from clicking the wrong thing detract from the raison d'etre of fast and relevant search.

I was hoping to find someone else who mentioned this.

This catches me out regularly. I would not be surprised if a team at Google implemented this and immediately saw “increased engagement” from users in an AB test, so they locked it in permanently and considered it case closed, the science is in.

Scientism at its worst.

I'm constantly annoyed by that horrible feature too. It usually doesn't cause a misclick anymore, but it's really annoying that every time I go back to look a the next search result, the result moves once I've moved my cursor to the result I want to click.

I think I solved it by removing it in stylus:

#eobc_1,.r-i4KASL__ToPM,.r-iGs8q6iiSUas{ display:none !important; }

I think it was something like "other people also search for..." thing which poped up unexepectedly.

Is there any use in removing these automatically-generated tags? They seem like something that might change the second Google's deployment pipeline pushes a new build (or even sooner).

Ublock origin has the :has and :xpath operators for cases like this.


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