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> At some point I knew it was time to close firefox when the fans started blowing at max speed.

In my experience on Mac the guilty party has consistently been the plugin container (or rather something inside it, presumably a bad video codec). `killall plugin-container` fixes the problem without having to restart Firefox, but unfortunately also crashes many if not most tabs (appears everything wants to use a multimedia plugin or another these days...)

The "plugin-container" executable is used for all sandboxed processes on Windows. That started out as plug-ins, but now includes web renderers.

So the "something inside it" could be script on a web page, or part of Gecko's rendering pipeline, or pretty much anything. And killig it crashes tabs because it's the thing rendering those tabs.

It might make sense to rename the executable to make things clearer, but there are some problems: there is Windows software that hardcodes the executable name and does things based on it, and changing the name would break various things for users....

On Mac and Linux, where this problem doesn't exist, the process naming is much saner...

Actually we only use plugin-container for NPAPI on Windows. I believe that MacOS was specifically the platform where we ran into problems.

Thank you for the correction!

Oh, my experience was on Mac like the GP’s. Edited to clarify. On Windows or Linux I haven’t encountered a similar 100% CPU use problem, which has led me to suspect it’s specifically the Mac version of some plugin that’s the problem.

Interesting. On Mac, the process is called "plugin-container" if you use something like "ps", but Activity Monitor shows it as "FirefoxCP Web Content", which is a lot clearer...

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