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No, it takes bad faith/intent to circumvent to screw up catastrophically. And shoving third party trackers down the visitors throats using dark patterns to avoid them not accepting them is absolutely bad faith. These offending news sites need to be fined the hell out of the internet.

The EU actively despises American tech companies. Go back and watch Zuckerberg at the EU Parliament. I can totally see them bringing down the hammer for minor infarctions when it's popular to hate a certain company.


I was referencing their attitude. When Zuckerberg was at the EU Parliament an MEP asked him to name an EU competitor for Facebook implying that if he can't name one then Facebook is a monopoly. That is the attitude we show to American tech companies in Europe.

Maybe it’s a matter of perspective? Because the way I see it, only the EU is willing to hold companies accountable and remind them that are aren’t in fact top dog.

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