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> Who's visiting, who's not visiting, why are we so big in japan, that sort of thing.

I misread your focus on ads, is it more about user aquisition perhaps ?

Government sites for instance have less of these issues IMO, as they’ll have other means, usually in person or by mail survey, to directly ask why people are not coming to the site (do they know about it ? Do they have a computer ? Can they read in the language etc)

More than anything, these sites have a captive audience so the focus can really be on improving the access to the relevant information.

> processing on server logs

I think it’s overestimating the cost and technical competency of the agency handling these websites, but also the time it would take to reimplement a log parser that surfaces all these informations user session by user session.

It definitely can be done, it’s not trivial in any way though. Compared to what some of the government websites do (they’re basically glorified wordpress sites) building a log analyser + the associated dashboard would cost more than the site itself.

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