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I took it differently, personally. To me it’s a double standard, we spent so much time going after the private companies with this law, that to have so much of the government’s own groups fail to even do a review of their own damn sites? Ugh.

Since the governments are not subject to the GDPR, it doesn’t have teeth, and I would not be surprised if it fails to get resolved.

A lot of them will be technically not in breach, claiming anonymisation etc gets them out of it. This is the line I have always had from Gov.uk, for instance.

But it's pretty crappy that they haven't tried to follow the spirit of the law. And it's pretty crappy that all my interactions with the government, as a UK citizen, are reported back to the Google mothership.

Thankfully we as savvy users are able to strip away information we don’t want sent to companies, via browser extensions and what have you. I’m concerned about the less savvy users who, frankly, never have even thought about this being an issue.

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