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Hi! Author here. Honest question, because I don't know all the facts:

- Given that in this IR, every value has a single definition, and every use must reference that value, I'd argue that this is already SSA form.

- In fact, the concept of 'variable' is mostly missing, there's only a repeated reference to the same value. I think that simplifies things a lot, but maybe too much.

- Optimizing across expression boundaries is in fact very much the point, if we can keep the semantics the same.

Thanks for your interest!

Well... one thing that's usually done as part of converting something to SSA form is computing the dominator tree. If you did that, you could relatively cheaply solve this:

> But it also means that the property we're interested in - a value is computed before it is used in, in all possible code flow paths - isn't really expressible by the IR.

...since you could verify that the blocks a value is used in are dominated by the block it's computed in.

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