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I was under the impression anyone tech-savvy enough to understand GDPR thought it was crazy, and the only people for it were non-tech-savvy people that just see it as free money from big tech companies.

On the contrary, I believed that most “tech-savvy” people were ecstatic that not only was the scummy behaviour of some of the largest tech enterprises finally being reined in, but smaller companies were finally incentivised to take our information security seriously.

Many software developers in Europe are supportive of the GDPR, and many don't care either way.

This continent still remembers when Nazi Germany and the Eastern Bloc tracked people to abuse and even kill them. That was never a direct concern in the UK, but people there are still strongly against government databases (see: UK national id card trial, NHS database trial) and in favour of the right to privacy.

How un-original. I'm under the impression that anyone, tech savvy or not, who fails to understand what it is that GDPR regulate think it's crazy that we have it.

It is more like American companies that don't pay tax hate the GDPR because it is harder to avoid than the tax rules.

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