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Q1: What is your understanding of Thomas Lippert's motivations in doing what he did?

Q2: What physical & behavioral similarities do you observe between you and your half-siblings? Do you have any insight on the nature vs. nurture debate?

1. He hated kids and raised none, he was the epitome of the "get off my lawn" neighbor in his area and was really aggressive to the neighbors especially the kids. More info on that in the above link.

My siblings and I have speculated the hell out of his motivations, and I've personally come to the conclusion that he was in a position to industrialize his evolutionary impact and took advantage of it.

Most of life has an implicit "purpose" to reproduce, and he found an extremely efficient way of mechanizing that, without any of the downsides like actually raising the offspring.

It's odd and I'm getting personal here but I always knew I wanted kids since I can remember, and I knew that if I never found a partner to have children with, I'd want to donate sperm for the sheer biology of it. It's an odd thing to try to express, but I'd be surprised if most people don't have some level of that.

2. As far as physical characteristics, I actually look quite a bit like him in many ways (especially the younger photos before he was drinking himself to death). But certainly better :D You can reference my website in my bio and the link in my parent post if you want to see. Eyes, hair, skin color, facial features, relative height, etc.

Behavioral - I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder when I was 20. We could never figure out where that came from. It's treated now and also good to have someone to blame. I feel i share many personality traits that describe him, to certain (usually lesser) degrees.

They also say 80% of "intelligence" is inherited, and not to rag on my wonderful parents or prop myself up or anything, but we all sort of always wondered where I got that too vs my parents or other relatives. Also the aforementioned biological urge is a pretty interesting point - all of my siblings so far either have children or want them.

Most of my siblings are musical and play at least one musical instrument or sing or act or perform in some way, and he was apparently a great multi instrumentalist. The list goes on and on.

I'd put quite a lot more weight into nature than I ever would have before. I was convinced of nurture being the obvious bigger influencer but much of that could be attributed to lack of similarities with my family growing up. When I found out about this, I discussed it heavily with my siblings and some of their families and we all agreed that nature plays an enormous role that we'd never know otherwise.

Elliot, are you part of "We are Donor Conceived" on Facebook? There is a group of 1,000+ people on there that I think could really benefit from your perspective.

I haven't heard of it, thanks for the recommendation!

2: Not the parent comment, but I was conceived with "anonymous" donor sperm and managed to find my donor two years ago when I was 32. The similarities were shocking - our demeanor, hobbies, body language, method of speaking, and temperament were so similar it was eerie. We also look exactly alike save for a 25-year difference in age.

That sounds more similar than most people are with the biological father they grew up with.

It’s hard to actively avoid being like a parent when you don’t know what they are like.

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