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If the EU is sued by itself and needs to pay a fine, does that fine count as income and does that need to be factored into the fine? This might be the first case of an infinite payment.

It wouldn't be infinite, actually: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geometric_series#Sum

Even if that were the case, the payment wouldn't be infinite. 1% + 1% of 1% + 1% of 1% of 1% ... doesn't converge to infinity, it converges to 1.0101010101...%.

The European Union is not its member states.

Let me put it another way: the European Union is not like the federal government in the US; it's mainly an economic union.

Or another way: European countries are independent, not states in a federation, and the European Union is a separate entity.

Or yet another way - even in the US system the federal government can fine the states.

Yet. I could imagine, though difficult, federating being really good for the EU.

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