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> But artificial insemination still requires an exchange of bodily fluids that can be procured only through sexual stimulation. (Consider: the stereotypical drawer of porn magazines at the fertility doctor’s office.)

This reminds me of the time I went to give my sample. I checked into the office, and the nurse looked at me, looked at my (Asian) wife, and then reached into her bottom drawer and pulled out a DVD of porn starting some Asian girls (I was not offered a choice or selection).

I was then given a cup and shown to my room. In the middle of the room was a very uncomfortable hospital chair covered in one of those pads that they put down that absorbs liquids to keep it sanitary. In the front of the room was a 20 inch tube TV/DVD combo (this was in 2013, long after the advent of flat screen TVs, so this TV was at least 10 years old). Hanging off the TV was a crappy pair of headphones.

To the left, a rack of about 25 porno mags of every kind of kink.

I was told to lock the door and then knock when I was done so the sample could be collected.

Not exactly the most conducive environment for producing that sample.

After I had my tubes tied, the office wanted a sample to verify the procedure, but as I recall they had me bring it in from home. Handing over a brown paper bag with a plastic container of your bodily fluids, whatever they may be, to the receptionist at a doctor's office is always an odd experience, but obviously they are used to it.

Most of my samples were given that way, but for the IVF fresh cycles, they needed it to be... fresher.

> one of those pads that they put down that absorbs liquids to keep it sanitary

I believe the colloquial term is "pee pad."

We call it an “inco pad” here.. inco being from incontinence, but they’re useful in far more situations than just incontinence!

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