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I think it's easy for bystanders to mistake hostility towards the developer of construct as hostility towards the project or the specific implementation without knowing the full context, however this is not the case.

The developer is without doubt a brilliant individual, however also extremely toxic. Not in the Linus sense, but in the Terry A Davis sense.

If anything, I think the matrix team has been too reasonable with him. He actually agreed with that himself, making fun of the team for not having the integrity to ban him out of sympathy for his situation and wanting to avoid the optics of banning a developer of an alternative server.

I have a lot of sympathy him as it sounds like he has a very serious substance abuse issue. I really really hope that he can beat the problems he faces, and I'm sure he will be accepted by the community again if he does. I understand that he is not fully under control of his situation but until he is, I don't think he should be tolerated when his presence is so hurtful to his victims and the community as a whole.

Here's some fun highlights I've experience first hand for context:

- spamming rooms with BSDM porn

- spamming rooms with links to his implementation

- hurling sexist abuse at a female matrix team member

- hurling sexually abusive language and rape threats at people

- numerous other drug-fueled breakdowns and caps locks tirades

- sockpuppeting and circumventing bans

- attempting to blackmail the team with his exploits

- deliberately bricking rooms

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