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I'm the original creator of Ruma, another homeserver implementation, and our project has received nothing but support and appreciation from the Matrix team. It's true that Synapse is the only homeserver that is in a "finished" state, but that has more to do with Matrix being young, the spec still needing work (although it's come a long way recently), and the lack of time and resources to complete such a big project if it's not your full time job.

Is the Ruma project still alive? I liked your website and your goals but last I checked there was very little activity.

Yes, it's alive. We've been on a long hiatus while we wait for the dust to settle with async code in the Rust ecosystem. This is the GitHub issue that best tracks our ongoing blockers: https://github.com/ruma/ruma/issues/189

As the author of one frozen homeserver [1] and an hybrid implementation [2], with various work made all across the spec, I'm not shy to say synapse is the only homeserver because it talks its own dialect of the spec, not because there wasn't attempts to build something else.

[1]: https://github.com/kamax-matrix/mxhsd [2]: https://gitlab.com/kamax-io/grid/gridepo

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